Genderswapped N2N
So it looks like people are either busy or sick these days…

So no audio conference as of late, instead, I’m assigning more things to you guys

If you could all have these things done, that’d be splendid

Dane: I Am The One, Superboy and the Invisible Girl, A Light In The Dark, Wish I Were Here and Maybe

Donna: I Am The One, I Am The One (Reprise)

Nathaniel: Wish I Were Here, Hey #1, Hey #2 and Hey #3/Perfect for You (Reprise)

Haley: Hey #1, Hey #2 and Hey #3/Perfect for You (Reprise)

Doctor Fine/Madden: You rockstar riffs

These will be due April  2nd!

So you have plenty of time. To those of you who still haven’t submitted everything from the last assignment to me, please get on that! Most of you have let me know, and I completely understand, we have lives outside of this, so if you have any issues please contact me here or at


Okay cast members…

Is everyone free Monday the 5th for an audio conference call? Any time during the day works well with me, as does the evening up until about 8pm EST (my sister likes to go to sleep REALLY early).

If not everyone is free that day, then we can schedule something for Thursday the 8th, Friday the 9th or Saturday the 10th, but Monday would be preferable. Drop a note in my personal tumblr’s ask ASAP ( to let me know



Hey cast members…

Would you guys be cool with setting up an audio conference call sometime when we’re all free? We can record dialogue that way, and that way it will flow smoother.

Drop a message in my ask or or on my personal account to let me know if you’re good with that and what times you’d be free.


I proudly present Fuck This Family. The way Donna (Dan) would have really ended Next to Normal. Sorry for the grossness of some of the notes but my roommate came back and I had to stop redoing it. 

So our Donna took some creative liberties and decided to write how she wishes Next to Normal would have ended. This would take place instead of “A Promise” right after “Why Stay?”…Our Donna is also writing a sequel with this ending called “Back To Normal” in which Dan Goodman moves on with his life…

If nothing else, it’s clever and hillarious, hope ya’ll enjoy.

Some of you still owe me some tracks.

Please send those over ASAP.

Next assignments begins now.

I would like for everyone to have all of their speaking pieces, every line of dialogue, save for those that take place during the songs to be submitted by February 16th.

Just as a side note, feel free to get a little over dramatic with these. Voice acting is all about portraying emotions that could have been expressed in facial or body movements with only your voice. A little bit of extra ummph is good.

So everyone…

Our wonderful Dane Goodman, paininthearsenic made some awesome karaoke trakcs that have gaps in them for songs with dialogue, which is fantastic. Seriously, these tracks are great

They can be found here

Please check this out, we will be using these karaoke tracks to record.

By now, you all should have emailed me for a script.

What I’m asking for, is that by February 5th, you guys have your big solo pieces submitted to me. Extensions will be given if necessary, but please consult me first. If you’re iffy on anything or need help/want to ask questions, please feel free to. Also, please feel free to contact your fellow cast mates to talk about character choices. This will mainly be for dialogue purposes, but being that we don’t have actual face to face rehearsals, I would very much like if ya’ll could discuss with each other how the two of you want your scenes to go down.

The solo pieces I want done are these:

Dane: My Psychopharmocologist and I, I Miss The Mountains, You Don’t Know, I Dreamed A Dance, Didn’t I See This Movie, You Don’t Know (Reprise), The Break and So Anyway

Donna: Who’s Crazy, It’s Gonna Be Good, He’s Not Here, I’ve Been, A Light In The Dark , How Could I Ever Forget (Donna’s snippet) and It’s Gonna Be Good (Reprise)

Nathaniel: Everything Else and Superboy and the Invisible Girl

Haley: Perfect For You

Doctor Fine/ Madden: Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling, Seconds and Years and Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling (Reprise).

Also, this should go without saying, please use the altered dialogue that I put in the script (He instead of she, Nathaniel instead of Natalie, etc.) Again, if you have any questions about how those may or may not alter the timing, let me know.

Thanks guys,


Thank you all

For being patient with me while I type up the script.

To my wonderful cast, please email me, or facebook me if you’re friends with me on there (cast members feel free to ask for my url, you can add me.), I’ve got something for you guys to work on until I get the script up



My excitement just kicked in…And I totally just died.

I feel like it’s a good experience. It’ll make me a more authentic actress…

Thanks to everyone following for all of the support, I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

I know I’ve told the cast to contact me if they have any questions, but if any of the rest of you guys wanna send over a pm, please do, I’d love to hear from you guys

Alright, cast

I’m working on getting the script up, and once I do, our wonderful Dane Goodman has provided me with the sheet music for the show! Yay! I’ll send that out to all of you as well as the script as soon as they’re both done.

Final Cast List